Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interview Experience Sharing

Company: A
Industry: Management Consulting
Position applied : Analyst (entry level)

The interview process is divided into two stages - phone interview and interview day.

A. Phone Interview

The interviewer would like to know more about the details stated in the resume.
Very simple, just share with the interviewer like your academics record, co-curricular activities, etc.

After phone interview, candidate (me) is required to complete an online behavior / attitude test.

B. Interview Day

The Interview Day consists of three sessions: Individual case study, Group Assessment, 1on 1

(i)  Individual Case Study

Candidate is given a case study. After 20 minutes preparation, candidate will need to discuss the challenges, solutions, justifications and impacts with the interviewer (1 on 1).

My case study is about the merger of two petrol companies and the merged company wish to enhance the convenient stores at its petrol stations. The company is currently facing problems in a few areas such as biling system, staff problem, marketing,etc.

Tips: To me, the key to tackle this case study is PRIORITISATION of challenge / problem faced by the company.

(ii) Group Assessment

Candidates (3 person a group) are given about 20 - 25 mins to brainstorm ideas together and finally present to the panel of interviewers. No Q&A by the interviewers.

My group topic is about organising an event for youths that can raise their awareness about environmental sustainability.

Tips: I guess the interviewers are probably observing candidates' skills in: presentation and teamwork. Do present well.

(iii) 1 on 1

A relaxing session and this session is actually not an interview. This is a two-way dialogue between the candidate and the consultant.

The consultant would like to know more about the candidate and basically the consultant briefs the candidates about the company, the position and answers any questions by the candidate.

The candidate just need to participate in the conversation and ask the consultant any questions especially the responsibilities of the position.

April 2013


Good luck :-)

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  1. For the group assessment, I wouldn't say this though
    "Tips: I guess the interviewers are probably observing candidates' skills in: presentation and teamwork. Do present well.".

    I would says how you collaborate and play a role within a team.